Sunday Worship 

At 10:30 A.M.


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Adopting of the thinking, behaviors, and practices of a missionary in order to engage others with love and the gospel message.

Love Our Community

Serve your community with love, passion and care. serving schools, homeless agencies, community organizations, and many others.

Children & Youths

Every year toy drive.  We also have summer daycamp for children and youths.  Sunday school takes place every sunday beginning at 10:10 am.



Each Month will be updated 

Member Wall – Please enjoy these wonderful words written by our members!

Submitted by one of our teens in the month of April                                                          Orena Sutherland       Wish You Were Here! Taking a vacation away from the hectic pace and pressures of daily life is precious indeed.  When you...
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A WORD FROM THE PASTOR Beloved, I have a genuine concern for your general well-being. I desire to see everyone live a life of wholeness, abundance and purpose. To that effect I share with you some ideas to get all of us there in due time.   Physical well-being:...
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Ministries are offered through wakefield grace for the spiritual development of their families through a variety of programs and resources.

ministry at wakefield grace

Weekly Activities for March



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Sunday - 19th

10:10 AM – Sunday School

10:30 AM – Divine Worship

                   Second Offering – “One Great Hour of Sharing” for disaster, refugees

                  After Worship – Professing Membership Prepartion


Monday - 20th

8:00 PM – Mission Team teleconference

Tuesday - 21st

7:30 PM – Church Council



Wednesday - 22nd

12:00 PM- Prayer Fellowship and Bible Reading

7:00 PM – Bronx Cluster Lenten Worship, Crawford UMC

Thursday - 23rd

7:30 PM – Bible Study

Friday - 24th

5:00 PM – Steel pan and drum practice

Saturday - 25th

5:00 AM – Sunrise Prayer Worship 

9:10 AM – Live Radio Ministry 87.9 FM

3:00 PM – Usher Board meeting

5:00 PM – Chancel Choir




 Sunday’s Sermon Audio

(718) 324-1648

Church Office

Church Address:
4750 White Plains Road, Bronx, New York 10470

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