Beloved, I have a genuine concern for your general well-being. I desire to see everyone live a life of wholeness, abundance and purpose. To that effect I share with you some ideas to get all of us there in due time.


Physical well-being: Take care of your physical health through regular exercise, choice of healthy foods and drinks. You need adequate hours of rest and sleep for the body to heal itself and function properly. Get an average of 7 hours per night.


Emotional wellbeing: Live peaceably with everyone; establish relationships based on your understanding of Holy Scripture and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nurture one another; volunteer to be a role model; be a mentor; be a big sister or big brother to someone. Adapt acceptable ways to express your emotions of joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, anger, jealousy, rivalry. Laugh heartily every day.


Social well-being: Spend time with friends who will help you up. Be available to develop interpersonal relationship with persons you think have positive attitude. Hope for a reciprocal response. Make your mark in society by giving back to the community something for its development. Volunteer your services to assist others.


Recreational well-being: The time for leisure is very important; it is your discretionary time. Choose a healthy activity that you may enjoy and create as your hobby. The word recreation implies participation in an activity that is healthy and refreshing to the mind and body. Make time for hobbies and enjoy our hobbies.


Spiritual well-being:  Consciously seek to keep in touch with God who is Spirit by being connected with your spirit. Read scriptures regularly, that is God’s guide for you. Pray often, that is your special time sharing with God. Observe a period of quietness / silence every day measured to your age. If you are 7 years old spend 7 minutes per day. You will find it very easy at age 70 when you would joyfully spend 70 minutes day in quietness. Keep in touch with your inner being, the intangible, the conscience, the moving of the Holy Spirit.


Mental well-being: Hold conversation that is sensible. Take hold of opportunity for learning and training. Aim to learn something new at least once per week and work hard at it until it becomes a daily effort. Read often – magazine, newspaper, books. Go to school; go to seminars, go to workshops, go anywhere that proper learning takes place.


Financial well-being: Be careful with the ways you obtain or get money and be equally careful in how you spend. Always ‘put up for the rainy day.’ No one knows what lies in the future and how much we will be required to spend. Contribute to Social Security, health insurance plan, life insurance plan. Be diligent in savings, even if it is $1.00 per week. Start now, if you have not yet begun. Encourage the little children for the moment they can speak to save, so they will not spend money on junk food that destroys their health, or substances that will destroy their lives.


May God give you the strength to become whole, rounded people who will influence society positively.


Yours in Chris’s service

T. Anne Daniel (Pastor)